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Sunday, October 7, 2007 @ 7:08 AM

This is my favouritest house. super huge and cars can drive up to the front door, under the round round thing.

Night view - they really have lots of lights on..


@ 7:00 AM

sunrise at my house.
sunset along a coastline near my place.

@ 6:51 AM

money is such a beautiful word.... hee.. looks a lot.. but actually not really..

satay road side stall.. we call it sate thought... charcoal grilled... lots of smoke but smells good..

we da bao home. each stick is smaller than those we have in spore. 10 sticks bout $1.50.

Thursday, October 4, 2007 @ 11:17 PM

harvesting tapioca.

Tapioca loaded up the car.


@ 10:49 PM

krab for dinner!
This is another common road side snack. Fried tofu basically. but there's filling inside, beansprouts, cabbage and carrot. yea u eat it with the green chilli..

Monday, September 17, 2007 @ 6:14 AM

Hair work:-
i just went for rebonding last fri. bout $50. cheap ah.. haha.. in indo considered quite cheap too. think the usual price is bout $70-90 maybe. cos i went to some quite deserted salon. hehe. but doesnt mean its not good la. rebonding only. think its the same wherever you do it right? just make sure your hair don't dry up. so for the first wash i went to another salon. new one in the neighbourhood. lots of new salon coming up nowadays. went for hair spa. $19 including tips. i like this salon. its new, clean, ppl are nice and service is good. hair is clean and smells good and the hair stylist bother to put this and that on your hair to make it look nice.

We have a blackout two days ago. My worry is how am i going to sleep tonite without aircon. Cos weather is hot here and you cant open windows. or you'll get sucked dry by mosquitoes. We went to on our generator. its very very loud and its making the whole house smell.funny experience.. our generator is only big enough for one air con to be on. so we on one. it was fine. then my dad wanted to watch the tv. i have doubts bout this. he on it anyway. it was fine. then he got greedy. he on the satellite (for tv-so we can capture other country's channel). it was fine for a while then suddenly the light got dim. "Off the tv! Off the tv!" he shouted and ran to the generator. hahahaha.. cos totally had nothing to do at home.. we went out for a ride.. and when we came back, lights are on!

Foot Reflexology:-
Tried foot reflex few days back. hm.. not bad la.. tot it will be damn painful.. but not really.. i live the place very much tho. once you enter, it feels like a spa place, smells good and lights are dimmed, very cosy, peaceful. men in suits are at the reception. the place is quite big. and have up to bout 100 guest or so. the seat that you sit it is biigg.. very comfortable. and you can lie down, the foot rest will come up.. you have a personal tv attached at the chair. not the very small type that you have in plane. maybe bout twice as big. then they'll give you ginger tea. before and after the foot massage, you get a body massage too. short one tho. the whole thing last one and a half hr. cost $7.60. can go there and sleep too. i wanna go again...


@ 5:53 AM

Today dinner is at Sedap Malam. Seafood restaurant. tts where they grill the food. using charcoal. can grill squid, prawn, fish...
Pick your own fish. lots of different types to choose from.

crab and mussels on the menu.

our dinner. got prawn, lala, grilled fish,grilled eggplant.

coconut juice. you can choose for it to be served with the whole coconut or like this.


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